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Cosmetic Dentistry to Support Optimal Health in Flagstaff

Couple indoors smilingA beautiful smile boosts your confidence and makes your social interactions more comfortable and enjoyable. At True North Dentistry, Dr. David K. Yang uses advanced technology and trusted treatment methods to ensure we meet your aesthetic and long-term oral health needs.

If you live near Forest Highlands Drive, Ponderosa Trails Park, W University Heights Drive, or any of our beautiful Flagstaff communities, we can help you. Our experienced team is highly skilled and dedicated to creating stunning, healthy smiles. Contact our office today for cosmetic treatments for every member of your family!


The Importance of Functional Aesthetics

Beautiful female smile after teeth whitening procedureThe wellness and beauty of your smile are intrinsically connected. The purpose of functional aesthetics is to restore the function of your teeth in a way that also promotes natural beauty. At True North Dentistry, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality aesthetic dentistry built upon experience, education, and excellence. This approach addresses why specific treatments work and others don't.

First, our dedicated team will listen to every detail of your dental goals to understand them. Then we'll carry out a comprehensive examination of your oral and dental structure and hygiene to discover the best way to achieve your desired results. We use the latest technology and high-quality materials to meet your goals. Along with enhancing your smile, we apply functional aesthetics to maintain your health for a lifetime.

Why Choose Amalgam-Free Restorations?

Even if you are meticulous about oral hygiene, infection, decay, and fractures can still happen. We use amalgam-free restorations to renew the appearance, shape, and function of your teeth. We use amalgam-free materials and modern, practical techniques to restore your smile.

Composite Bonding and Filling: Composite repairs a tooth affected by fractures, cracks, or decays. We remove the affected part and fill it with a natural-colored composite filling.

Porcelain Crowns: If the damage is too significant for a filling, we will use a crown to encase your entire tooth's surface. Our team uses porcelain crowns to restore teeth to their original size and shape.

Bridges: A dental bridge is a non-removable appliance used to replace one to three missing teeth. Bridges come in different types, and our team will discuss them with you to find the best option.

We opt to use amalgam-free restorations because of their safety and beauty. They maintain and enhance your natural look by preserving your tooth structure. We use advanced technology like our Solea® laser to make treatments comfortable and quick.

Benefits of Dental Implants

3d render of dental implantThere are many reasons to replace missing teeth, and improving aesthetics is just one. Dental implants can restore confidence to your smile and improve function. Our specialists use dental implants to support partial or complete dentures, a crown, or a dental bridge. These restorations offer excellent stability and can last for more than twenty years.

Our team of experts uses advanced technology for diagnosis, planning, and placement of your dental implant. Proper oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and regular dental visits will ensure your restorations last a lifetime.

The benefits of dental implants include:

  • Improved appearance
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Better jawbone integrity
  • Facial structure support
  • Permanent tooth replacement
  • Keep healthy teeth intact
  • Easy oral hygiene maintenance

Depending on your needs, we can also perform bone grafts and sinus lifts before an implant procedure. Bone grafting treatment replaces any lost bone and encourages it to grow naturally. A bone graft ensures the dental implant placement is stable. A sinus lift procedure adds bone to the upper jaw between your molars and premolars in the space below the maxillary sinus. It creates a secure area for dental implant placement and allows for successful treatment.

How Porcelain and Composite Veneers Transform Your Smile

If you are searching for solutions to dental aesthetics issues, we can transform your smile using porcelain or composite veneers. A veneer is a custom-made, protective shell placed on the front surface of a tooth. They are used to improve appearance and repair issues that are not big enough to need a full crown.

woman patient getting her teeth color checked for veneer treatmentIn addition to being durable, veneers have other benefits, which include:

  • Creating a white, uniform, and beautiful smile
  • Straightening mildly crooked teeth
  • Hiding stained or severely discolored teeth
  • Covering uneven or unwanted spaces
  • Covering chipped or worn teeth

We make custom veneers using composite or porcelain. Our specialists will prepare the composite and apply it directly to your tooth. Composite can be easily matched to your existing teeth for uniformity and a great look. We can also use composite bonding to correct minor chips or unwanted gaps between teeth.

For porcelain veneers, we will take digital impressions and use our in-house CEREC® technology to create custom, high-quality shells. Our team will attach each veneer carefully and make any final adjustments. Porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, and they will last for years with proper care and maintenance.

Invisalign® Clear Braces for Straight Teeth

We use Invisalign clear and discreet aligners in place of the traditional metal braces to straighten your teeth conveniently. Invisalign uses a sequence of clear aligners changed out every two weeks. This process will gradually correct the position of your teeth so you can enjoy a straight and appealing smile.

The trays must be worn a minimum of 22 hours a day, which requires commitment and diligence. Adults and responsible teens with mild-to-moderate misalignment issues are the best candidates for Invisalign.

Invisalign has the following advantages:

  • The clear aligning trays are comfortable and nearly invisible
  • Very few food restrictions
  • You can easily remove them to brush and floss
  • Fewer office visits needed
  • Effective treatment for bite and crowding issues
  • Easy to keep clean

Brighten Your Smile with Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, also known as bleaching, is a popular procedure for improving your enamel color. If your teeth have become stained from tea, coffee, wine, or smoking, you can benefit from our exceptional whitening treatments. Zoom whitening can provide immediate and long-lasting results and give you a bright, confident smile. At True North Dentistry, we give you the option to choose between the in-office or take-home whitening options.

In-Office Whitening: Our specialists will apply a professional-strength whitening gel on your teeth three to four times with short breaks between each coat. Special lighting helps the gel penetrate the enamel and deliver oxygen into the dentin. We also recommend a professional cleaning before whitening for optimal results.

NightWhite Take-Home Whitening: This system uses amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) to help eliminate sensitivity after treatment. Our skilled and experienced team will create your custom whitening trays and provide instructions for the best results. Our take-home kit will enable you to whiten your teeth when and where it is convenient for you. This method is ideal if you are a busy professional and may not have much time to visit our office.

Cosmetic Gum Procedures with Solea® Laser Therapy

Senior couple relaxing together in parkThe Solea laser is a fast, precise, and innovative tool for addressing a variety of gum health issues. We perform contouring to make your teeth more visible through crown lengthening.

If your receding gums expose too much of your enamel, we will use lasers to eliminate bacteria and activate the regeneration of tissues. This procedure will reattach gum tissues, reduce sensitivity, and improve the aesthetics of your smile. Laser technology allows us to address functional issues and aesthetic improvement at the same time with minimal discomfort.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry

At True North Dentistry, we are compassionate and committed to ensuring that you achieve your desired healthy, beautiful smile. Our professional team pays attention to details and takes time to understand your concerns and goals. We use advanced techniques and technology to develop and customize your treatment plan. Call our office now, and we will schedule an appointment for you!


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